Pregnant Weightlifter Attacked for Her Fitness Routine Fights Back

A pregnant CrossFit trainer says the only thing harming her and her baby are hurtful, uneducated comments about her fitness routine.

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Australian CrossFit trainer Revie Schulz, who has almost 70k followers on Instagram, has been called "selfish" for continuing to train while pregnant. She's heard comments like "No wonder the premature birth rate is climbing," in response to her prenatal workout routines. But she continues to exercise.

A video she posted of herself at six months along performing squats, while holding a heavy barbell, inspired online trolls to viciously attack her again. This time, Schulz decided to fight back via social media.

"When I first fell pregnant I saw so many fitness influencers STOP posting their exercises during their pregnancies and I was curious to know why. Now, I know and I don't blame them. Because every single time I share a bit of my workout, I have to be ready for judgment and hurtful comments. I have to monitor the comments of my posts so that reading them hurts nobody. Because it's exhausting to have to constantly educate people. It is so offensive that people question my integrity, my intentions, with my baby.... No matter how many conversations I've had with my doctor to ensure that this is okay and even beneficial to my baby and myself. Assumptions are made and truly hurtful comments are written.... I have chosen to continue [sic] posting my fitness regime through pregnancy despite the negativity because it's what I believe to be best for my baby and myself. I'm not going to hide away from bullies.... Exercise does NOT hurt my baby, or me, but brazen, mean, uneducated comments do."

Revie Jane squats while pregnant

Not everyone is against Schulz, even though radio interviews she has done have drawn ire from many strangers, as have stories written about her in The Daily Mail.

"From the bottom of my heart thanks for every single one of your beautiful, supportive and encouraging comments today. You all have given me strength and reassured the importance of this message. I'm sure my little coconut will be proud of all of this one day," she recently wrote on Facebook.

Well no judgment here, Revie! If anything, I'm super impressed and inspired! You go, mama!

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