Pregnant Mindy Kaling Tackles Mom Shaming in Upcoming Season of 'The Mindy Project'

Mom shaming is certainly something we can all relate to (sometimes a little too well!). We can't wait to see how Mindy handles the topic.

Mindy Kaling
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Newly pregnant Mindy Kaling stepped out on the red carpet to celebrate the final season of her Hulu sitcom, The Mindy Project, and finally debuted the baby bump the Internet has been buzzing about.

Kaling also shared a sneak peek of what we can expect from the upcoming season, telling People magazine, "[An] episode is a little bit about mom shaming and that's cool. It was really fun and hit a lot of those juicy ripped-from-the-blogger-headline storylines."

Who, us?

Executive producer Matt Warburton added, "I think [her character] is going to learn a little bit more about how to be a good, involved parent. We have a really funny episode where [Modern Family's] Julie Bowen plays a rival mother who thinks that Mindy's not doing that great of a job."

Yup, sounds like real life.

A so-called industry insider told People magazine that indeed, in real life, Mindy has always talked about being a mama, adding that she "never spoke of a set plan or anything in terms of a timeline of when she wanted it to happen."

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Incidentally, Kaling stopped short of actually confirming her pregnancy. But given that she seemed to display a burgeoning belly, and that others are talking about a pregnancy, it's likely the 38-year-old star is expecting. If that's the case, we wish her a very happy and healthy pregnancy! And Mindy, we can't wait to see your show!

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