Pregnant Kelly Rowland Is Practicing Prenatal Yoga—In Style! 26734

Prior to my pregnancy, I was a crazy-active person—maybe even bordering on one of those freaky L.A. gym people who plans her day around Equinox group fitness classes and SoulCycle.

Well, it wasn't long into my twin pregnancy that those days already seemed like distant memories, despite my best intentions to remain one of those freaky fit pregnant L.A. gym people right up until delivery. Pushing a shopping cart got me winded by week 24. And I'd done just one prenatal yoga class in my second trimester when my perinatologist kiboshed the plan—sternly saying I needed to cool it on activity, period. (It was the same day he told me I was measuring like I was carrying triplets. Charming.)

But here's more proof that stars are not just like us: Kelly Rowland, she of killer-bod fame, is all about her prenatal yoga practice. And according to a shot she just posted on Instagram, she's looking darn good doing it too, wearing a matching patterned black and white sports bra and yoga pants, and a totally serene meditative look with closed eyes. Go Kelly! (Get in a few poses for me too, please.)

Rowland is all about sharing pregnancy milestones with her social media followers. In fact, she announced her pregnancy on Instagram with an adorable shot of a pair of mini Jordans next to big ones, and the caption, "I'll be stuntin' like my daddy." Awww, we have no doubt.

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Kelly Rowland photo courtesy of Instagram