By Patty Adams Martinez
April 18, 2014
Christina Aguilera's First Baby Bump Photo! 26684

Proud second-time mama-to-be Christina Aguilera posted her first pregnancy photo on Instagram and Twitter—an adorable snapshot of herself with fiancé Matt Rutler's hand lovingly resting on her bump. The caption? "Baby loves NYC." So cute!

Christina—who is expecting a girl—is reportedly nearing the five-month mark soon, and I remember those early months of pregnancy, where you're showing, but your belly hasn't fully popped, so you're wondering, "Can people tell I'm pregnant, or do I just look like I scarfed down a dozen Dunkin' Donuts?" Don't worry, Christina, your beautiful glow gives it away. Pregnancy suits you!

Maternity fashion can be tough. As your breasts, belly and butt expand, you're suddenly dressing this body you don't even recognize. Some women embrace their bumps and wear very fitted clothes; others start stealing their hubby's oversized sweatshirts and call it a day (No judgements!). I love that The Voice's pop diva is still staying true to her style—only comfier—with her glam signature peep-toe pumps and ruby-red lips paired with a cotton tee shirt and leggings (a pregnant woman's BFF).

We'll probably be catching Christina—who is already mom to son, Max, 6—in workout gear during her pregnancy as well. Before getting pregnant, Christina went through a pretty dramatic weight loss, and got into a healthy routine, putting her on the right track to be a warm and cozy nest for her little one. So I can't imagine she'd be dropping that routine now, knowing that diet and exercise are í¼ber-important to a baby's development.

Regardless of what she wears, we can't wait for the next cute bump pic!

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Image of Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera via Instagram.