Once you're a mom, people suddenly feel compelled to ask you: "When are you going to start trying for another?" "When can we expect baby #2?" "Don't you want more?" It can be overwhelming!

While on Good Morning America during a tour stop in London, busy superstar-mom Beyoncé was asked just that for the umpteenth time. She answered graciously and honestly, saying she does want Blue Ivy—her 16 month old with hubby rapper Jay-Z—to be a big sister.  But she cushioned her answer by adding, "At some point—when it's supposed to happen."

Why is everyone in a rush for a new mom to have another baby? In February, when Hilary Duff's son Luca with retired hockey player Mike Comrie was just under a year old, Hilary told Life & Style "Motherhood is an adjustment...I'm not trying to have [another] baby any time soon!"

For me, the baby questions started coming right after I got married—literally, at the reception! Five years later, when I actually was pregnant, people couldn't resist asking when I was going to have another. My prepared answer (because the question was asked so many times) became: "I need to meet this baby first, before I even think about having another one!"

When children come into the picture, it's suddenly acceptable for everyone—including complete strangers—to basically ask you, "When are you going to be having sex?" I understand that everyone loves babies. They're cute! How can you not fall head over heels for their smiles, laughs, and that new baby smell? But unless you're in an episode of Sex and the City, most women don't go around spouting off about what goes on between their sheets. Call me a prude, but I prefer to keep my sex life, and baby-making plans, private. I think most people—celebrity or not—do too!

Tell us: Have you been asked when you're going to try for baby #2 even before you have baby #1? Do you understand everyone's enthusiasm, or do you find it annoying?

Image of Beyoncé courtesy of Shutterstock.