Pregnancy Sex: Even Better Than Regular Sex

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While trying to do my due diligence in reading everything I can about pregnancy for this blog (and you), I came across this article in GQ UK, which is basically a how-to article on having sex with a pregnant woman. Keep in mind it's not some clueless guy pontificating about pregnancy sex. The story is written by a woman, Rebecca Newman. So even though the piece is parading around under the guise that it's supposed to help men, obviously it's way more helpful to us women!

Most men like to pretend they have a Wiki-level of knowledge when it comes to a woman's desires, but the truth is they need to be told what we want. Sure, it's probably best coming directly from a guy's partner so he knows his woman actually wants the same things as this writer, but we can't always verbalize exactly what we're looking for, especially in the heat of the moment, so that's where this article comes in handy (maybe leave a copy lying around for him to read?).

Being pregnant is not only a confusing time for a woman whose body is going through major changes, and whose hormone levels are going nuts, it's also an adjustment for your guy for those same reasons. I love that Ms. Newman tells it like it is to the male readers: "She'll either want you as never before ... or she'll find the idea of intercourse with you as arousing as an asthma attack." Both are true in my experience, and either can change instantaneously.

That said, there are a lot of perks for you and your guy with pregnancy sex. So it shouldn't be dreaded and feared, which it sometimes is. You should be excited. Why? Two words: Ultimate orgasms. Thanks to increased blood flow and off-the-charts hormone levels you can be aroused a million times easier and faster than ever before. Or as Ms. Newman puts it to men: "Now is your moment to cement your status as the keenest lover that ever lived." You have amazing orgasms and he feels like a sex god—it's a win, win.

Also, pregnancy sex insures you two shake things up as missionary position is out relatively soon. You shouldn't have any added pressure on your abdomen, and by week 16 women are no longer supposed to be on their backs for long periods because it constricts blood flow to the baby. So if you've gotten into a sexual rut lately, you're about to find your way out of it!

Ready, set, go!

TELL US: How has your sex life changed since you've been pregnant?

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