A father-to-be is overwhelmed when his wife reveals she's five months pregnant, after the couple has struggled to have children for 17 years.

buns in the oven pregnancy reveal
Credit: Dana GG on YouTube

A mom-to-be decided to play on the classic "bun in the oven" scenario to reveal her pregnancy to her husband, and the result could not have been more adorable.

After struggling to have a child for nearly 17 years, during which she's experienced four miscarriages and a still birth, Dana Griffin-Graves was surprised to learn last week that she was almost five months pregnant, and excited to share the news with her husband, Arkell Graves.

Griffin-Graves posted a video of her surprise pregnancy reveal on social media in order to share the moment with her family, she told ABC News, but the heartwarming video is going viral.

The video opens on Graves at the stove in the couple's kitchen, prepping what looks like a romantic dinner for two. "There's some stuff in the oven, too," says Griffin-Graves from behind the camera.

Graves opens the door to take a peek and catches sight of the ultrasound photos his wife planted next to the buns in the oven. "You're pregnant! You're pregnant!" he exclaims, wheeling around to face his wife, who tells him she's already 19 weeks along.

"Due February 16th," she tells him. "And it's a boy."

That's when Graves loses it, pulling his shirt over his face to hide his happy sobs.

"His reaction was just priceless," Griffin-Graves told ABC News. "I wasn't expecting that at all. I knew that he would probably be emotional but I definitely was not expecting the reaction I received."

The video has gotten many positive comments on YouTube, congratulating the couple on their happy news. "Got me crying over here!" a user named Metria Denise wrote. "I had a stillborn as well and now you guys gave me hope! God bless and congrats. I'm so happy!!"