Planning to Go for Baby? Ditch Those French Fries Now! 26824

Sure, we know to avoid foods that are bad for us in pregnancy (as much as we—and our cravings—still want them). But what about before pregnancy?

According to a new study published in the journal Diabetologia, women who ate more fried foods before they conceived their babies were at significantly increased risk for developing gestational diabetes in pregnancy.

Looking at data from about 15,000 women participating in the study, researchers determined that women who ate fried food at least seven times weekly had an 88 percent greater chance of developing the disease than those who ate fried foods less than one time per week.

The problem was especially evident when women ate fried food in restaurants, versus at home; restaurants tend to use the same oil to fry multiple foods, which makes it worse for you.

These new findings underscore other recently released data, which indicates that a healthy lifestyle could prevent at least half of all gestational diabetes cases. In that study, researchers found that among 14,000 American women, the biggest risk factor for the disease was being overweight or obese during pregnancy. And they found that women who were obese before pregnancy had more than four times greater likelihood of getting it than those of normal pre-pregnancy weight.

Taken together, all this new data shows even more than ever that a healthy pregnancy begins way earlier than conception.

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