It would be tough to top this gender reveal idea!

By Melissa Willets
April 05, 2016
fireworks gender reveal
Credit: Graham Driscoll/YouTube

A gender reveal cake or balloons just weren't exciting enough for Canadian soon-to-be parents-of-two Monica and Graham Driscoll. So they decided to give their doctor-provided, sealed envelope to a fireworks company to ensure the moment their baby's sex was unveiled to their family and friends would be much bigger.

"We're going to find out tonight if we're having a boy or a girl," Graham says as an introduction to the YouTube video of their epic reveal. "We're going to take a page out of the Acme playbook and use a dynamite plunger," the licensed pyro-technician dad continues.

Okay, the fact that he knows his way around fireworks makes me feel slightly better about the idea of explosions near a pregnant woman.

In the video, we then see the pyromaniac papa setting up for the gender reveal to end all gender reveals. I mean, this is no small undertaking.

And... it's a girl!! Pink fireworks soon illuminate the night sky. Clearly the Driscolls, who already have a son, are thrilled with the color. Cheers erupt from the crowd who has gathered for the show, and Monica and Graham joyfully embrace, then high-five their son.

"The reaction was awesome. Everyone enjoyed it (the whole show was almost 7 minutes long). The grandmothers are over-the-moon ecstatic for a little girl," Graham told The Huffington Post in an email.

And to think I just bought an "It's a Girl" balloon to announce my baby's gender...

What do you think of this fireworks gender reveal?

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