Vollmer, who is expecting baby #2, shared that she'll race the 50-meter freestyle next month.

By Maressa Brown
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Swimmer Dana Vollmer, who has won Olympic gold five times, announced on her Instagram account on Thursday that she's planning to compete next month in a 50-meter freestyle at a USA Swimming Pro Series meet. Making her announcement even more badass: Vollmer is currently six months pregnant with her second child!

Vollmer confessed to followers that she was inspired by her dreams, writing, "Started having dreams about being at competitions!! ?? It's been too long! So I've decided to enter the Mesa Arena Pro Swim Series and swim a 50free!! #pregoracing #24weekspregnant @tyrsport"

The 29-year-old isn't the first U.S. Olympian to compete while pregnant, ESPN.com notes. Alysia Montano was 34 weeks along when she ran the 800 meters at the 2014 U.S. championships.

During her first pregnancy, Vollmer was less active. "I didn't swim at all with Arlen, so I'm hoping to be able to train through more of the pregnancy, hopefully," Vollmer told NBC in November. "Last time, I was on bedrest. Really hoping that doesn't happen."

So far, it seems like Vollmer's having a different experience this go 'round. She's swimming, but also listening to her body. “I have to pay attention to how my body is feeling that day," she tells ExcelleSports.com. "The first trimester, I was really nauseous and was dizzy a lot, I had to respect that. You can’t just get in the pool and say, ‘No, I’m going to push through this.’ We took all hypoxic sets [breath-control training] out since we don’t want to deprive the baby of oxygen.”

Sounds different in the perfect way. There is one thing that will hopefully remain the same... Just months after giving birth to her first child, she racked up medals at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Fingers crossed that after having baby #2, she'll nab even more at the 2020 Games in Tokyo!



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