Olivia Wilde's Taking a 2-Month Maternity Leave 26634

Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde plans on being a very busy working mom! Rather than taking a lengthy maternity leave, funnyman Jason Sudeikis' fiancé is due with her first baby May 4, and according to the beauty is already set to start filming a very emotional psychological thriller in New York City in July. Olivia will play a very draining role as a mother whose son disappears.

Maternity leave is such a personal thing. Are you the type who wants to spend as much time as possible with your newborn, trading in vacation and sick days to add to your maternity leave? Or are you the type who needs to get back to work to get into your normal routine in order to feel like yourself, pursuing your work passions? Or have you decided you're not going to return to work at all? The decision is yours to make. Clearly, Olivia found a role she is really excited about, and is ready to face the challenges of being a working mom with a newborn.

On the positive side, if she's anything like I was post-baby, she will definitely have the ability to cry on demand. I was still so emotional, and anything remotely having to do with a baby being harmed, would put me in tears. As a new mom with your baby in your arms, you have a new perspective on life. Things that may not have seemed so emotional, suddenly are. The connection you have with your little one makes you want to have a better world for him or her to grow up in.

On the downside, what horrible pressure to put on yourself to lose the baby weight! Some people are super goal-oriented, so maybe Olivia is, and she needs a reason to get herself back in shape or she wouldn't do it (um, guilty as charged!). But IMHO actresses have enough public body shaming to deal with, adding extra baby weight to that only makes Olivia's job even more stressful.

She not only has to memorize her lines, and get into the mindset of her character, but she has to workout like a maniac too? (And keep in mind many doctors don't want you to go back to your regular workout routine until after your six-week postpartum checkup.) That sounds like a lot for one sleep-deprived new mama to deal with, if you ask me (not that anyone did!).

TELL US: How much maternity leave will you be taking before returning to work after baby? Do you think Olivia's rushing herself to lose the baby weight or do you think it's good to set baby weight loss goals like she is?

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