Another fit mom shows off her enviable mid-section just weeks after giving birth.
Credit: Inger Houghton/Instagram

Here we go again... Another super-in-shape mama has taken to social media to show us what she's got: six-pack abs just 10 weeks after having a baby!

In Inger Houghton's defense, she lifted weights during her entire pregnancy. The result is that after giving birth to her daughter, this Dubai-based fitness buff looks, well, buff.

As a caption to the photo of herself wearing a bikini and flashing flat abs, Houghton wrote this on Instagram: "Let's call a spade a spade. I am posting this for two reasons: to fish for compliments, and because I am proud of my body #tenweekspostpartum."

As you should be, Inger! And here's my compliment: Damn!

Despite looking like a fitness model so soon postpartum, according to People the new mama didn't push herself too hard during her pregnancy, though she worked out much more than the average person. She explained, "I didn't train as often or as hard as before of course, but I would have gone mad if I couldn't do anything for nine months. Luckily I had a good pregnancy without any major problems, so it didn't feel like a struggle to keep active."

Indeed, Houghton, who owns a fitness center along with her husband, often posted workout photos of herself during her pregnancy performing moves that would intimidate many non-pregnant women. But her take was: "I felt a big change in my balance as my belly grew, and obviously doing pull-ups with 14 kg. extra was a bit harder." Um, yeah.

Since this mama worked so hard on her fitness while pregnant—with the occasional day off—she dropped her baby weight very quickly, something most of us wish we could achieve. (Ahem, it took me a year!) Houghton says, "After giving birth I lost 11 kilos in 11 days, and it almost went quicker than I wanted. I lost a lot of muscle mass as well and I didn't recognize my body. It was a very weird experience." For the metric-system challenged of us, 11 kilos equals more than 25 pounds!

It seems now the drop-dead gorgeous mom-of-one is back to having a body she is proud to show off. And these days, instead of pics that show her doing squats with a burgeoning belly, she posts photos of herself working out with her baby Kaia in tow. A shot from a few weeks ago of the mama on the pullup bar while wearing a baby carrier was captioned, "I couldn't do chest to bar because of Kaia. Still the best pullups I've ever done #4weekspostpartum."

I'm inspired. And jealous. Okay, really jealous. You?

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.