Can every scale please come with one of these inspiring notes about losing baby weight?

Postpartum Weight Issues
Credit: Courtesy of Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera

Losing baby weight postpartum is an emotional journey for any mom. And it doesn't always come off as easily as you might hope! I speak from experience after four pregnancies. Sometimes you feel like you'll never look like yourself again.

Such was the case for new mom Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera. Since her March 28 delivery, the Oregon mama had been trying to drop the 100-pounds plus she gained while pregnant with her first child. As Herrera told, "I ate everything in sight when I was pregnant and it completely altered everything in my body." She added that she had a terrible pregnancy and complicated delivery. "I lost all my self-confidence," she tells 

During a recent visit to her doctor's office, Herrera had to do what all women dread most: step on the scale. But a kind note from a nurse changed how she felt about the number she saw. On a Post-It stuck to the scale, the nurse had written, "This scale will only tell you the numerical value of your gravitational pull. It will not tell you how beautiful you are, how much your friends and family love you, or how amazing you are!!"

And as the mom also said, "I walked out of the office feeling confident. I felt like a completely different person."

I love how this one note shifted this mom's perception of her baby weight loss journey. Because it's true; we aren't just shedding pounds after baby. We are working on ourselves, and growing as people. After all, now we are taking care of another human being! Why should we only be focused on a silly number on a scale?

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I wish someone had written me a note like this after my pregnancies. In fact, I'm still working to lose weight after my fourth pregnancy, but I've learned a lot since my first trip to the rodeo! It's not such a rush this time; I know I'll get there eventually. In the meantime, I'm trying to be kind to myself, and accept all the ways I have changed and grown since my fourth pregnancy, not just how my waistline has expanded.

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