Smoothie King has partnered with Premama to create a healthy smoothie featuring a prenatal supplement powder.

June 01, 2018
pregnant in early 30s
Credit: Svetlana Iakusheva/Shutterstock

Well before you see that positive pregnancy test result, when you're trying to conceive, chances are you've been encouraged by your Ob-Gyn to take prenatal vitamins. After all, making sure your body has stores of certain nutrients can help you and your L.O. thrive. Now, Smoothie King and Premama Wellness have partnered to give moms-to-be a smoothie that aims to be a yummy, summery way to take those vitamins.

Prenatal Smoothie
Credit: Smoothie King

Smoothie King explains that the recipe is specially blended with whole fruits and organic spinach plus Premama prenatal supplement powder for a convenient, delicious way to get the nutrients need for healthy babies. A serving offers up folic acid, calcium, and vitamin B from whole ingredients. Meanwhile, it's free of added sugar, NSF banned substances, trans fat, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, and gluten.

In other words, the smoothie aims to fire on multiple cylinders—offering expectant moms a quick, tasty way to get whole food nutrition, as well as their prenatal vitamins. Oh, yeah, and it may be a healthier way to kick that sweet tooth.

“Nutrition is one of the top concerns for women who want to make sure their babies get a strong start in life, but many busy women on the go find it difficult to make sure they are getting enough whole fruits and veggies. They also often have difficulty swallowing and keeping down a giant prenatal vitamin pill,” says Richard Chudacoff, MD, FACOG. “The Premama Smoothie has created a healthy, easy meal replacement for when time is tight, makes a great snack and is a healthier way to satisfy the sweet cravings that many women experience during pregnancy.”

For years, smoothies have been packed with health-boosting supplements for everything from energy to weight loss to immunity, so it makes sense that there should be an option specifically geared to pregnant women. Of course, it may be tough to grab one of these as frequently as you'll need whole foods and prenatal vitamins—which is, obviously, daily!–but as an on-the-go option, it certainly sounds like a sweet treat!

The Premama Smoothie will be available at Smoothie King stores on June 12.