See, it's okay to feel a little incredulous when you find out your family is about to grow.


We are quite used to seeing perfectly-curated pregnancy announcements, featuring a happy family just over the moon about their new addition. But a recent photo of a father-of-two finding out his wife is expecting again more accurately portrays how you really feel when you find out a baby is on the way.

Reddit user sanepsychotic shared the image of a dad holding a young kiddo on one arm, and a (presumably positive) pregnancy test in the other hand. "My brother's really happy pregnancy announcement," the photo is captioned. Insert sarcasm here! Because as the incredulous father reads the test result with dismay, his wife shrugs in the background, with an expression on her face that pretty much says, "Um yeah, you were there too!"

real pregnancy announcement photo
Credit: sanepsychotic/Reddit

An older child is laughing and pointing at his father as well, while the younger child dons a smug grin. Sorry dad, but you're so not done!

The scene perfectly captures the range of emotions that go along with finding out your family is growing, again. I remember feeling mostly excited to be expecting our third child, and also, utterly terrified. Because how was I going to manage three children? And stay sane?

That's why I love this Reddit photo, as it normalizes all the feelings a positive pregnancy test inspires. So if you feel super-excited, and also a little shocked, and overwhelmed, and even partially horrified to find out you are pregnant, no worries. It happens to all of us!

Can you relate to this photo?

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