No One Will Ever Top This Couple's Gender Reveal by Brad Paisley

When it came to revealing their baby's gender, this couple went big!
Brad Paisley/YouTube

So you think you're a Brad Paisley fan? Oh, really? Did the country star reveal your soon-to-be born baby's gender, live, in front of the entire audience at his concert? No? Then you've got nothing on super fans Kyle and Monica Thayer.

These expectant parents brought a sign to the singer's concert at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre in St. Louis, asking Paisley to tell them if their baby was a boy or a girl. It's possible they remembered the 2014 CMA Awards, when Paisley revealed to the world that his pregnant co-host Carrie Underwood was expecting a boy.

According to The Huffington Post, Kyle Thayer had been asking Paisley to reveal their baby's gender at the concert repeatedly on social media.

And so it seems the singer relented:

A YouTube video shows the entire reveal, which happened right up on stage in front of a packed house.

While attempting to open the most tightly sealed envelope in history containing a sonogram with the results, Paisley, who is a dad to two sons himself, coaxed out of the couple that they had two girls already.

"Place your bets," the country crooner told his audience before revealing..."It's a boy!"And everyone went wild, especially the parents, who are very clearly thrilled with the news that they will soon be adding a son to their family.

Congratulations to the Thayers! Um, is Brad going to be invited to the baby shower?

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