Nick Lachey told Fox News that being in the delivery room with wife Vanessa Lachey (previously Vanessa Minillo) when she gave birth to son Camden, now 7 months old, was "surreal, and one of the coolest things to ever see in your life." But then again, he watched his son's birth "from the waist up"—not getting all up in there with the doctor.

Hearing that took me back to conversations I had with my friends before I gave birth. The big question was: Are you going to let your husband see everything during the delivery? Will he be there right next to the doctor during childbirth? Or will he be tucked away far from your lady parts?

There were two sides of the debate: Some wanted their guys to have a front row seat to the miracle that is childbirth. One friend in particular even filmed it for posterity reasons, so they could relive it, and one day their child could see how he entered this world. I secretly also think she wanted to either a) show him just how much pain and suffering she went through for him to hold over his head in those terrible teenage years, or b) it would be used during the "sex talk" to insure he didn't come within 10 feet of a girl until he was 30!

But most of my friends were too worried that if their man saw their nether regions stretched and pulled in such a bloody mess, they'd never want to visit the area again. It got me thinking: What do I want? Of course my husband had a say in the matter too. Actually, he pretty much made the decision for us. He's the "I see blood and I faint" type, so rather than facing my vajayjay head on, he was thrilled to stand behind me, holding my hand and DJing Logan's birthday party (Kanye, Jay-Z and Passion Pit were on heavy rotation—that's how we roll!). I wouldn't have had it any other way.

Tell us: Will your partner be front and center for the birth, or off on the sidelines like Nick Lachey?

Image of Nick Lachey and Vanessa Lachey courtesy of Shutterstock.