Your pregnancy cravings may seem tame compared to those featured in this new cookbook.

Eggs. Eggs with cheese, eggs with sour cream, eggs with anything, even wrapped up in a pancake, burrito style. That's what I craved like mad when I was pregnant with my third child. But I'll admit that's pretty tame compared to many of the pregnancy cravings featured in a new cookbook, Eating for Two, about the bizarre things women eat while expecting.

Credit: Juarez Rodrigues and Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus, Eating for Two

The collection of recipes and accompanying photos, put together by Vicky Ebbinghaus and Juarez Rodrigues, range in weirdness from toothpaste and Oreos (yup, really) to mashed potatos with caramel sauce (above), popcorn on a bed of sauerkraut, and even burnt matches (below)! And yes, the authors have actually tried all of their concoctions, inspired by real pregnant women with off-the-wall cravings. Incidentally, they say they are haunted by some of the combinations.


"The worst dish, by far, was the soap. We had the feeling it gave our mouths post-traumatic stress disorder, because not only did it taste terrible, but the taste lingered for hours and hours afterwards," the authors said about one of the dishes featured in the cookbook called "medley of soaps."

No matter how repulsive some of the dishes may sound—sausage and jam!—the photos are meant to convey the feeling a pregnant woman might get when she is dreaming of eating something bizarre. Indeed, each image features beautifully composed plates, as if they are about to be served in a fancy restaurant.


"We thought it was interesting that some rather disgusting things could be incredibly tasty to someone who is pregnant," the pair said.

And this isn't a joke. On the book's website, the authors say, "All the recipes we feature are real, genuine cravings eaten by a real, genuine pregnant person." Yes, that means someone, somewhere, craved coal during pregnancy.

The book is not yet available to buy, but stay tuned...if you dare!

What's the weirdest food you craved while pregnant?

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