New Mom Includes Late Husband in Maternity Photos

Wow—these photos of a woman who lost her husband while she was pregnant will give you chills. See how she included her late husband in her maternity shoot.

Amanda Snyder's husband, Jesse, died before the couple's baby arrived, but the new mom found a beautiful way to honor him and his role in their son's life. 

Snyder, who had to cancel her baby shower in the wake of her husband's passing, was planning for the pair to take maternity photos...and when he died, she decided to find a special way to include him in the images. She worked with photographer Shanna Logan to bring a vision to life. And the results? Well, they'll give you goosebumps.

Shanna Logan Photography 

"Amanda contacted me a couple weeks back, she had just lost him two weeks prior," Logan told Parents. "She was in the middle of moving, pregnant, so much going on—but wanted a way to honor and remember him—she didn't want to and couldn't move on without him. She was having a really hard time. I believe putting him into the photos was a way of getting closure, a feeling of hope and faith that he was still with her and [their] baby, Jameson, today. 

Snyder isn't the first woman who has done something like this. "We had both actually seen this done before by other photographers," Logan said. "It is an amazing service we can provide as photographers, something unique and meaningful to help someone going through something so tragic. I had never done them myself, but she knew I had a reputation for [working with] Photoshop and couldn't find another photographer who could do it. I told her I would try my best, and I would look over her photos of him to see what we could do."

Shanna Logan

The photos are incredibly meaningful to Synder. "I had lost so much and all I was left with were memories and pictures to look back on. So I guess you'd say pictures mean the world to me," she told Parents. "I had to cancel my baby shower because it was scheduled for the same week his funeral was and we were supposed to get pictures done together which is why I had a blue dress and I had picked out a matching shirt for him (which is what I  buried him in), but he passed away before that could happen. I knew if I didn't get them taken I would regret it."

Logan and Snyder met for the maternity shoot, an experience both women call "beautiful." Snyder shared stories about her husband and how they fell in love. 

"The shoot went great. It was a beautiful peaceful evening which we were grateful for because the weather was not too good that week," Snyder, who gave birth shortly after the photos were taken, said. "But Shanna made me feel so comfortable and we just talked about Jesse the whole time and how much I loved him and he loved me and Jameson. It felt like he was there with me."

Shanna Logan Photography

"There were points where I had to act like he was next to me so I was making sure I remembered where everything on him would be compared to me like where his face would be and where his hands would be," Snyder continued. "Shanna was so wonderful the entire time but all I could think about was how much I wish he was really there beside me in person so I could just hug him and kiss him and see that grin he had one more time... Luckily Jameson has that same exact grin as his Daddy so I see him when I look at my son."


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