Meet Chrisi Hammer, the mom who did CrossFit until the day before giving birth.


By now a pregnant mom doing CrossFit is nothing new. But meet Chrisi Hammer (yup, that's her awesome name!) of Provo, Utah, who exercised her "pregnancy strength" at her local CrossFit gym until the day before she gave birth!

This third-time mom back-squatted 210 pounds and front-squatted 285 pounds at 9-months pregnant, according to local news station WTKR. And that's not all; she was still able to jump rope, perform modified burpees, and do just about every other demanding move any other CrossFitter can do.

Chrisi, who joined the heavy-lifting gym to help her lose weight from two previous pregnancies, said, "Everyone just keeps teasing me that I have this pregnancy strength, cause I'm stronger now than I was before I got pregnant."

The proof that her workouts helped her achieve a healthy pregnancy is in the pounds; Chrisi gained 80 pounds when she was expecting the first time, but just 30 pounds this time.

Of course, women with bumps who are still kicking ass at the gym will always cause controversy, with some people claiming working out at extreme levels puts unborn babies at risk. But Chrisi maintains she listened to her body—and any doctor will tell you as long as you aren't pushing yourself past what you are used to doing while not pregnant, and your pregnancy doesn't have any complications, prenatal exercise provides more benefits than potential risks for mom and baby. (Of course, you should always run your preggo-fitness routine by your doctor for the okay!)

Meanwhile, this strong mama delivered her daughter Lucy via c-section just one day after posting a photo of herself in workout clothes to her Instagram account, claiming her tummy had grown to the size of a pumpkin. She'll obviously have to take some time off from her CrossFit routine to let her body recover from surgery, but I have no doubt she'll be back in the gym as soon as her doctor gives her the okay. And I say, good for her!

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and a mom. Follow her on Twitter (@Spitupnsuburbs), where she chronicles her love of exercising and drinking coffee, but never simultaneously.