By Alesandra Dubin

Knowing that life would change forever on delivery day, I had many things on my before-baby to-do list. Evidently, one expecting couple in the U.K. had a pre-baby to-do list, too -- with an item that was a tad bit racy!

A soon-to-be-mama and her partner at a hospital in Bristol decided to use the time waiting to be induced for a last-hurrah in their hospital room.

According to the Daily Mail, a hospital cleaner heard what she described as moans from the room, discovered the pair having sex, and reported the news to her superiors -- who reportedly essentially told her it was NBD. (I mean, we all know how babies are actually made, right?)

Maybe the parents-to-be were hoping to bring about labor naturally so that a medical induction would not be necessary. (Sex is frequently rumored to help trigger labor, though there's mixed support for the claim.) Or maybe they just wanted to have one last bit of couples'-only fun before a new baby in the picture changed the nature of the game.

Either way, we say -- you go, hot mama!

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