By Alesandra Dubin
November 21, 2014

I feel enormously lucky and grateful to have had three baby showers earlier this year when I was expecting my twins. One was a traditional luncheon at my mother-in-law's warm and inviting home, and one was a sweet work-day event at my husband's company thrown by his exceptionally gracious and creative colleagues.

But it's the third shower that was the most me, you might say: It had a '90s hip-hop theme. Here's why...

Not long after I started dating my husband—another very devoted fan of throwback hip-hop, and a former DJ with a huge music collection in the genre—we went with a group of friends on a camping trip to Big Sur. After a few drinks around the campfire, we ended up doing a full-on, fired-up a capella duet to LL Cool J's "Around the Way Girl." That's the moment my friends said they knew we were made for each other.

At our wedding a couple of years later, my maid-of-honor sister and bestie bridesmaid blew the roof off the place (OK, it was outdoors, but...) when in lieu of a traditional toast, they performed a rap they'd written, riffing off the lyrics and tune to MC Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock's "It Takes Two." It was perfection.

So four years later, when we were expecting two babies, the "It Takes Two" theme worked equally well as an anthem, and the wedding party crew got back to work as hostesses behind a '90s hip-hop baby shower that totally killed.

Among the details were a cake decked with personalized mix tapes my sister had drawn; cookies in the shapes of rappers like Biggie and Tupac; plush animals as tabletop centerpieces clad in Adidas track suits; and the super fun onesies you see pictured here.

It was so special to have such a personal shower thrown by observant, open-minded loved ones  -- and to have one without having to strong arm my hosts into my unique theme.

But if your hosts aren't quite as observant, here's one trick for getting a message across without coming off as rude or ungrateful: Make a public Pinterest board and collect your "dream baby shower" ideas there!

And hey, if it includes a few options for vagina cakes—I sure won't judge!

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Photo courtesy of Alesandra Dubin


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