"We lost our baby which is why we never released the video—but it's time to officially move on," the creative mom said.
Credit: Kristy Glass/Instagram

Kristy Glass suffered a miscarriage while pregnant with her fourth baby. But that didn't stop the mama-of-three from sharing her poignant pregnancy announcement.

"A few summers ago I had a special visit from Mrs. Stork," she wrote on Instagram. "We lost our baby which is why we never released the video—but it's time to officially move on and share our video. All is well. Enjoy!"


The video is amazingly clever. Shot entirely in black and white and set to the strains of "Look Out for Mrs. Stork," we see a woman dressed up as a, well, stork traveling through the streets of New York while clutching a white bag in her hand. She walks through Grand Central, rides the train, and arrives at a building where she takes the elevator up to the roof. Once there, she reaches into her bag and pulls out a tiny package attached to a parachute, which she releases off the top of the building into the wind.

The camera then cuts to a bench on the sidewalk below, where the entire Glass family catches the package and opens it up to find a note that reads "To: Glass Posse, From: The Stork. A new baby for you!"

The reaction of Kristy's three daughters is pretty much priceless, as they hop and jump around in excitement.

Watching the video is bittersweet knowing that Kristy lost the pregnancy after it was shot. Still, we admire her bravery in sharing it, so others can experience a beautiful, happy moment with her family.

"We put a lot of heart and soul into this short film," Kristy wrote on YouTube. And it shows!

Thanks for sharing, Glass family!

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