This is what happens when the hottest pop star on the planet "copies" your photo shoot.


As you've probably heard by now, Beyonce is preggers with twins. After breaking the Internet with her stunning pregnancy announcement on Instagram last Wednesday, she slayed even further the next day when she unveiled some seriously breathtaking outtakes from her underwater maternity shoot on her website.

Turns out, however, that Beyonce is not the first mama to produce Splash-style photographs for her baby bump. Drina Adams—who recently gave birth to a baby boy—says that she had the idea first. And we're pretty sure she's right.

See, back in December, Drina's daughter Jhalia Harris told Buzzfeed all about how her pregnant mama had decided to do an underwater maternity photo shoot with photographer Erena Shimoda to get over her childhood fear of water (which began after she almost drowned).

Check it out:

drina adams underwater maternity photos
Credit: Erena Shimoda Underwater Portrait Photography

Pretty amazing, right? Beyonce's photos, meanwhile, wouldn't turn up until more than a month later. And when they did, Drina immediately fired off a bunch of texts to her daughter.

"But who did it better?" she wrote. "Ya mama did! Catch up Bey!"


Harris then posted her mom's message to Twitter (with the caption, "My mom is extremely annoying") where it quickly started racking up the retweets—something that threw Harris for a loop, even though she says her mom is probably one of the funniest people she knows.

"I didn't expect this to go viral simply because anyone who knows my mom and I knows that I get goofy texts like this from my mom all the time!" she said.

#GOALS. Top that, Blue Ivy!

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