The anonymous father took to Reddit to proclaim his opinions on birth after having held his wife's hand through her labor. 

By Maressa Brown
January 11, 2018

In what might be one of the most aggravating examples of mansplanation to hit the internet this week, a father took to social media to share his "personal opinion" on how women should give birth. Writer Nicole Cliffe shared the screenshotted comment -- which seems to be from a Reddit thread -- on Twitter, and of course it's going viral, because it is that eyeroll-inducing.

The anonymous dad's remark reads, "Personal Opinion: My wife gave birth to two babies, 9lbs 10oz (10 hrs labor) and 8lbs 6oz (only 2 hrs for the second baby). No epidural. Women don't NEED them at all. Never have. Since we only started using them in modern medicine. But hey, what do I know? I'm just the dude who held her hand through it twice."

Thankfully, plenty of Twitter users -- moms, dads, parenting publications -- have weighed in to put this aggravating dude in his place. Just a few examples of the completely on-point, pitch perfect responses:

According to a recent national survey, 67% of women who gave birth vaginally had an epidural in labor. And not only is it a popular method of pain relief for moms all over the country, but it's one that's relatively safe for women and their L.O.s. The most common side effect of getting an epidural is hypotension, a drop in maternal blood pressure that could affect the baby, which occurs more with higher doses of medication. Meanwhile, nausea affects roughly 20-30% of women who receive epidurals, and 30-50% of women who get one experience itching.

So, sure, an epidural isn't the perfect, magic bullet solution to a flawless birth, but it's a popular option for women to consider when it comes to their very individual, personal wellness and experience. Let's reiterate that. For women to consider -- and then to discuss with their health care providers. Ultimately, they're the only ones who can decide if she "needs" it. Thankfully, at least judging from the Twitter response, it seems like the whole internet -- you know, sans this one, obnoxious, know-it-all dad -- couldn't agree more.