Before giving birth to triplets, Maria Jorstad shared amazing photos and videos of her growing bump on Instagram. Now she's inspiring her growing number of fans again with honest confessions about her postpartum recovery. 

By Maressa Brown
September 17, 2018

October 24, 2018

Mom of Triplets
Credit: Courtesy of Maria Jorstad

Maria Jorstad—the Copenhagen mother that welcomed triplets in September—became a viral sensation after sharing her growing belly with the world. Crossing over into postpartum territory, Jorstad has continued her updates, but this time, she is speaking out about her recovering body.

This persevering mom is now inspiring women everywhere via Instagram as she confesses to the frustration she feels regarding her healing belly. Her honesty continues to inform women of the under-publicized aftermath of pregnancy on a woman’s body while creating a comradery around mothers who are going through similar experiences.

Take a look at the postpartum progress posts Jorstad has shared with her followers:

4 Days Postpartum

1 Week Postpartum

4 Weeks Postpartum

Is that not the face of a warrior? It's no surprise people are commending her as a "kickass mom," "super mama," and "powerful woman." Those closely following Jorstad’s posts are also chiming into the comment section with researched advice, suggestions, and words of encouragement:

“It takes time for the skin and muscles to go back were [sic] they were. Stick to the tummy band and enjoy your babies cause in 6 to 8 months you'll be perfect. As you were before the pregnancy. The female body its [sic] amazing soon youll [sic] doing exercise because youll [sic] be very busy with the babies. You look actually great! Congrats.” writes @lomonaco.camila.

“Respect to you, for showing real life. After two BIG babies my belly never recovered and often wonder how that is for other mothers...” @constanceuijterwijk commented.

“Put the photos side by side. Your belly has changed and gotten smaller. Keep your chin up.” @mrwyatt91909 wrote.

“This beautiful, strong body has been the home of 3 perfect little humans. It kept them safe and helped them grow so they could survive and thrive. Honour it, love it, be gentle to it. It has worked very, very hard,” writes @biebblog.

Jorstad’s journey to becoming mom to triplets Iben, Filip, and Agnes became public when she began to document her pregnancy on social media. For months prior to their birth, she shared photos of her growing, incredible baby bump, which understandably went viral.  

“It started off with me wanting to document our journey for my family and friends, especially since I live in another country but also because triplets are such a rare thing, I thought people would find it interesting,” Jorstad told HuffPost via email. “So I wanted it to be kind of a mini blog where I wrote about both the ups and the downs.”

Jorstad's most popular post to date was a video of her belly at 33 weeks and four days, which was about two weeks before she welcomed her triplets. In the clip, she describes her bump as "really big," "stretched so bad," and "really heavy as well."

The video wracked up over 300K views in just two weeks. Of the reaction, Jorstad told HuffPost: “I never in a million years expected this little video to go viral! I just thought it would be fun for my about 4,000 followers to see how big it really was. You get another idea from a video than from a selfie in the mirror. I’ve seen other pictures of big bellies before, so I didn’t think it would be THAT spectacular.”

Nonetheless, IG users were mesmerized by Jorstad's video and other photos documenting her pregnancy. A post showing her growing bump from 12-34 weeks garnered 23,895 likes. And her 34-week mirror selfie received tons of supportive comments like, "You look amazing!" 

The mom of four's ultimate goal in posting these jaw-dropping images? “I want to be as honest as possible about what it feels like going through something as special and life-changing as all of sudden getting three babies at once. I had never seen, heard or read anything about triplets before, so it was a completely new territory. I think it is a story I would have liked to follow myself―it’s kind of fascinating to be able to follow something like this from the beginning.”