A Florida mom claims she is being grossly overcharged for the birth of her baby.
photo paulina splechta
Credit: Courtesy Paulina Splechta

You may remember Florida mom Paula D'Amore, who gave birth in the parking lot of Boca Raton Regional Hospital back in April. Her daughter's arrival was captured in beautiful photos by birth photographer Paulina Splechta, the event made national headlines, and everyone was happy. Or so it seemed.

D'Amore recently reached out to Parents.com about a discrepancy over her bill. She says the hospital charged her more than $7,000 for baby Daniella's labor and delivery, "when she wasn't even born in the hospital."

It’s worth noting that according to the Palm Beach Post, nurses did come out to the car to help with the delivery. It’s also key to understand that according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project, on average, giving birth in a hospital costs $3,500. But WalletHub’s 2016 survey of the best and worst places to have a baby ranked Florida as one of the most expensive states for a conventional, non-Cesarean delivery.

We reached out to Boca Raton Regional Hospital for a comment, and received this statement from Thomas Chakurda, vice president of marketing:

"Boca Raton Regional Hospital has reviewed the matter, understands the concerns of this patient, and has previously attempted to resolve the outstanding balance concerns with the patient. Unfortunately the system of healthcare reimbursement is complex, our contracts with insurance carriers reflect a per case rate, and the statement of billed charges do not actually reflect the patient's responsibly after contractual adjustments are made to the account. The hospital appropriately bills for the medical services and care it provides and has determined that the level of care provided and billing were appropriate in this instance."

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