In this gender reveal video, mom-to-be is armed with a paintball gun that will reveal whether the couple is having a girl or a boy.

paintball gun gender reveal
Credit: The Ellingtons Vlog/YouTube

Meet the Ellingtons, a young married couple who post vlogs about their lives on YouTube.

The pair announced Chelsea's pregnancy back in November with this cute video, and now they're at it again, this time for their bun-in-the-oven's big gender reveal.

The clip opens with husband Luke standing in front of a dropcloth. "It's only fair, since I'm about to put Chelsea through a lot of pain in a few months, that it's her right to put me through some pain," he says to the camera.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally down with that idea! After all, turnabout is fair play, right? But what do these two have in mind?

Luke then hands his friends a sealed envelope with the baby's gender printed inside, and explains that his buds are gonna load up a painball gun with either pink (for a girl) or blue (for a boy) paint, give the gun to Chelsea, and then let her start firing away at him.

So. Awesome!

"I'm nervous," says Chelsea. "I dont want to hurt you."

"Its supposed to hurt," the dad-to-be exclaims. "That's the point of it!"

I am really beginning to like this guy!

Luke puts on a white jumpsuit and protective goggles and Chelsea nervously takes aim. After four or five shots we finally see the dots of blue paint pelting Luke. It's a boy!

"Oh my God thats the most painful way to find out about a kid ever!" he says. "So we're gonna have a boy, and I'm gonna have bruises."

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