This adorable Halloween pregnancy reveal is sure to leave you smiling...and wanting candy!
story of this life pregnancy reveal
Credit: Story of This Life/Facebook

An adorable Halloween video from "Story of This Life" blogger Esther Anderson pokes fun at why parents really want to take their little ones trick-or-treating, and ends with a surprise pregnancy reveal!

First, we see Anderson, husband Thad, and their toddler Ellia relaxing at home, discussing whether to go out in search of candy on Halloween.

"She doesn't even know what's going on!" Anderson says about their 2-year-old.

"Exactly. Then we keep all the candy. She doesn't even care," her hubby replies.


The family heads out to score some Halloween bounty, led by the exuberant tot, now sporting a haphazard duckie costume. At each house, Mom and Dad encourage her to get more candy. "She's little!" Anderson says, explaining why the sweet duckling's pumpkin pail needs even more treats poured into it. Meanwhile, Dad urges his daughter to score "her favorite" Snickers bar.

Back at home, the family sorts through their candy. Mom and Dad take the lion's share of the goodies, obvi.

"Just think about next year," says Dad. "The pile's going to be twice as high."

The camera then pans to Mama, who's patting her pregnant belly. Surprise!

The soon-to-be parents-of-two high-five each other in celebration.

Hey, we don't blame any pregnant woman for calling dibs on a kid's Halloween candy. But Dad, ahem, what's your excuse? (If it's moral support for Mom, then more power to you!)

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