Shut the front door: This mama is about to welcome her sixth baby, and the way she revealed it is both hilarious and adorable. 

Announcing your pregnancy is arguably one of the best parts of the experience—and because it's 2017 and social media is king, it's not just because you get to reveal amazing news to everyone in your life—it's also because you get to work that creative muscle as you come up with a fun, original way to do so.

And if you get it right, it may even go viral.

The latest pregnancy announcement to take the Internet by storm comes from Josie Wood, who knows a thing or two about revealing pregnancy news—the mama already has five children, and now she has a sixth on the way.

Credit: Josie Wood

Wood revealed her news via a photo collage featuring all five of her children—they all look super excited (well, except for her fifth child, who is crying—no doubt because someone is about to move in on the youngest child spot!)

"Actually, my sister in law texted me the idea and I found it hilarious," Wood told Parents of coming up with the concept for the reveal. "I am [surprised by how much attention the reveal is getting] but I'm so happy everyone can see the humor in it. It's a nice feeling to make people laugh!"

Obviously being pregnant while taking care of five kids is no small feat, and Wood is feeling the effects of this pregnancy. "All I can say is NAUSEA," she said. "It is strong with this one. I was nauseous with all my pregnancies but this baby won't cut me a break."

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But nausea aside, Wood and her family couldn't be more excited as they prepare to welcome an eighth member into the fold. "Our house was full of [excited] screams for awhile," the mom said.

And we can see why! How cute is this family? And it's only going to get more adorable when the newest addition arrives.