After suffering a miscarriage, a couple from Alabama is expecting not one but six babies!

By Maressa Brown
August 22, 2017

Parents of three boys from Alabama have been trying for a fourth L.O. all year. After suffering a miscarriage back in January, Courtney and Eric Waldrop tried fertility treatment ... and now, they're expecting not just one sibling for their sons, but six babies, reports Woman's World. Yep, sextuplets!

“It was the shock of our lives,” Courtney Waldrop said. “We turned it over to God and we realized he was going to get us through it."

Waldrop is currently 13 weeks along, and her medical team's goal is to get to 28 weeks before the sextuplets are born. “The risks are crazy,” she said. While Huntsville Hospital, where the soon-to-be mom of nine will give birth, hasn't delivered sextuplets before, Waldrop seems to feel confident that she's in good hands, noting, “They are monitoring me closely, taking good care of me.”

The couple has been documenting the pregnancy on a Facebook page called “God’s Divine Nine-Miracles in the Making - Waldrop Sextuplets." Earlier this month, Waldrop took to the page to share, "All babies are growing like crazy and so is my belly. Concern at this point is being able to take in the huge amount of calories required to keep this many babies and myself healthy. So please pray that my appetite will allow me to eat like I've never eaten before. I'm determined I can do this!!!! Thank you for the continued prayers. We need them everyday and we know the hardest parts are yet to come. But I'm reminded each week when we see them on ultrasound that their lives are truly a miracle."

Such an amazing story. No doubt the Waldrops' loved ones and community are greatly anticipating the arrival of these six beloved babies! Wishing them a continued joyful, healthy journey.