Her husband was away on assignment, so this expectant mama decided to keep the news of Baby #4 a secret for six months until he finaly returned home.

By Hollee Actman Becker
June 28, 2017
Courtesy Natasha Daugherty

Natasha Daugherty found out she was pregnant with her fourth baby a week after her husband Chris had been deployed with the Navy. But instead of firing off an excited email to share the big news with him right away, the expectant mama decided to keep her pregnancy on the downlow and save the reveal for six months later when her husband finally returned home.

"Being a military family, we move a lot," Natasha explained to Parents.com. "And the past two pregnancies together, we haven't been able to celebrate the news of our pregnancy with family or friends as we were never near them. We have an older son (my husband is his step-dad) but with our children we've had together we were not able to experience a baby shower or celebration. So this was my way to make our fourth and final baby celebrated and memorable."

So sweet! Still, six months is a long time to lockdown a secret—especially one so HUGE (pun intended)! But Natasha somehow managed to keep the pregnancy under wraps by strategically hiding her midsection in the family photos she shared with Chris during her first two trimesters—although she did slip up once when she had a bad day and accidentally sent her husband an email with the line "I'm pregnant and hormonal and just need a break".

"I got an email back saying "you're pregnant?" she told us. "I thought quick and responded with "damn autocorrect, I meant I'm on my period and hormonal".

Nice save! And, of course, all the trickery paid off last Friday, when Chris finally returned home and was greeted by his three kids and his wife, who was hiding her bump behind a sign that said "Welcome Home Baby Daddy."

"You like my sign?" Natasha cheekily asked Chris, before whipping the poster away to reveal her beautiful pregnant belly.

"Is that real?" a shocked Chris then responded as he reached out to poke it.

So amazing! And a moment, Natasha told us, that was definitely worth the wait. "I would do it all over if I could!" she said. "Being able to share the excitement with our family and friends and to see the reaction on his face was priceless. He was so shocked and so excited, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome!"

Congratulations, guys!

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