This isn't exactly what Paula D'Amore had in mind when she hired a birth photographer...

daniella birth 3
Credit: Courtesy of Paulina Splechta

A Florida mom knew she wanted to document her third child's birth, but she definitely didn't have this particular scenario in mind...

"With my first son I got no pictures whatsoever. And with my second son, I had hired a doula and she just grabbed my camera and took pictures, but it was low lighting and low quality," Paula D'Amore told ABC News. "That's why I knew I needed someone there documenting the whole thing, and I wanted it to be documented professionally."

And it was, by South Florida birth photographer Paulina Splechta, who captured little Daniella D'Amore's birth Friday in the parking lot of Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

daniella birth 2
Credit: Courtesy of Paulina Splechta

The dramatic birth began when D'Amore decided to labor at home for as long as possible, thinking that after delivering two babies, she knew her body well. She was supported in that decision by her midwife, Christine Hackshaw, who specializes in VBAC patients like D'Amore—women who choose to have a vaginal birth after a Cesarean delivery.

D'Amore's ealy labor quickly progressed to active labor, though, and she and hubby Joseph began to rush to the hospital. Paula's doula, Lindsey Ripley of The Doula Sisters of South Florida, was with her in the car and guided her with support and breathing during the drive to the hospital.

Splechta followed them in her car, but they never made it to the maternity ward.

"Two miles down the road, I was like, 'Guys I have the urge to push,'" D'Amore recalls. "It just takes over your body. It's not like you can control it."

Splechta was able to jump out of her vehicle just in time to capture Daniella's arrival in the parking lot. "You have to be on your toes because there's only one chance to get that particular shot, and if you don't get that shot there's no second chance at all," she told ABC News of the difficult shoot.

daniella birth 1
Credit: Courtesy of Paulina Splechta

Despite the change of plans, the new mom is happy to finally have a photo record of a birth. "It's almost like an out-of-body experience because I'm going through all of this and now I'm able to look back at the photos [and say], 'Wow this just happened,'" she says.

And we are happy to be able to see the dramatic images that prove both Paula and Paulina were totally awesome at rolling with the punches!

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