The "six-pack mom" announced on Instagram this week that she and her husband Kris Jason can't wait for the arrival of their second child!

By Maressa Brown
June 17, 2017

Lingerie model Sarah Stage made national headlines a couple years back when she was expecting her first child James. Known as the "six-pack mom," Stage got our jaws dropping with how mind-blowingly fit she looked throughout her pregnancy. Yesterday, in an Instagram post and to, Stage shared that baby #2 is on the way! And yes, she looks stunningly ripped this time, as well, and she's flaunting a small bump, at five months along.

Here's the shot Stage shared to Instagram to announce her pregnancy, writing, "We are beyond excited for Baby #2!!! #5monthspregnant."

While she may look very much like she did with her son James, now 2, Stage says it's not quite the same this time around. "I have a little bump, but this time I’m carrying a little bit differently,” the 33-year-old told People. “The doctor says the baby is a lot lower. ... [This pregnancy] has been so different. Having a toddler and running after him, I’m definitely a lot more tired. But I’m not complaining, I’m so excited!”

She's especially psyched to give her eldest a sibling—and playmate. “I’m super excited that [my 2-year-old son] James will be a brother and have somebody to play with!” Stage says. Too cute!

Of course, at 2, James is handful! And Stage explains that it's tough to get to the gym while caring for her son, so she's tweaked her fitness routine. "Chasing after a toddler, it’s really crazy to get to the actual gym, so I created my own at-home workout,” she says. “I’ve just been doing workouts when I can fit them in a few times a week at home. It’s not really cardio — it’s squats, lunges, a little bit of abs."

At the same time, Stage is working with her trainer and her doctor to stick to her fitness routine in a safe way. Props to her for that. "They said to lower the weight,” she says. “If you listen to your body, it’s going to tell you if it’s too heavy. I’m doing a little bit less, I’m not going as aggressive as I normally do. I have to hold back, but that’s okay.”

She's also okay with the way her body will continue to change as her L.O. grows. “It comes with the territory when you’re pregnant,” she says. “It’s exciting, and it’s such a short period of time that your body changes, and in the end it’s all worth it.” Cheers to that. Sounds like Stage has a healthy, exuberantly happy perspective on motherhood and pregnancy. Congrats, mama!


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