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This blog post was written by Parents Editorial Assistant Ruthie Fierberg

Supermodel, actress, and mom to Brooks, 2, Molly Sims is about to add another title to her list of qualifiers: author. Her book The Everyday Supermodel: My Beauty, Fashion and Wellness Secrets Made Simple hits shelves January 6. Parents caught up with Sims—now pregnant with her second baby—just before the holidays to talk about how those secrets apply to moms like her. Without taking a breath, Sims began our phone conversation like any other mom:

Molly Sims: If you ask me what I'm doing right now I'm being a good parent. I'm making Christmas cookies, so I couldn't pick up the phone because I have flour everywhere. You never think you're going to [be into the holidays] but when you have kids it all changes.

P: Well it must be time for some fun since you've been working on your book. Are there any simple secrets in there especially for moms?

MS: We break [the book] down into beauty, fashion, food, fitness and I think all of it pertains to being a mom. We show you how to dress, we show you how to do your hair and makeup, we show you how to take care of yourself. I don't believe in staying in your yoga clothes all day. When I first had Brooks, I got into that habit and I'm like I cannot start this because then I don't feel good about myself. Now I get up and I get dressed even if I don't have anywhere to go.

P: Life with a toddler is busy and messy. Is there one tip when it comes to a beauty or fashion regimen that is doable and quick for other toddler moms or pregnant women that can give you the feeling you're doing something for yourself?

MS: Whether you spend $35 at the Dry Bar or learn to give yourself a good blowout, a good blowout can last for four days and make you feel fantastic. Invest in a good pair of leggings. Invest in a few "quardrobe" pieces that you can put on with boots, with flats, with flip flops, you can go from day to night, to spring to summer to fall to winter. Also, when you're pregnant you don't have to dress like you're nine months pregnant when you're only four. Dress tighter. The tighter you dress the skinnier you look. But in terms of on-the-go, I always say have a great cardigan, a great tank top, a great pair of jeans. Find that one good piece and make that versatile. That's the best thing I can tell moms.

We're writing a second book called The Everyday Supermama. You might be finger-painting, dropping off for class, and interviewing in the same day. Always have a refrigerator packed full of great snacks because you're gonna be hungry driving seven kids around all day. Also, if you put on lip gloss and sunglasses, no one tells that you're having a bad makeup day. It's great for moms who do drop-off and pickup.

P: You're expecting baby number two. You mentioned you had a bit of a tough pregnancy last time. Is there a huge difference now?

MS: Totally. I was so not sick with him and with this one, for four months I have been sick. I've thrown up, I've felt like I had 1900 glasses of wine—haven't had any.

P: What have you done to deal with that?

MS: Oh gosh. I've done everything from pretzel crackers to ginger tea to gum. [When I first] walked into my ob-gyn carrying a bottle of ginger ale I was like Mama is pregnant or something is wrong with her—like the flu.

MS: In January I'll be seven months, so I think we're gonna find out then. We weren't gonna find out but then I'm like dying to know so I can do my nursery. The practical things in life. I also want to start to be able to tell Brooksy. He has no idea that there is a baby in my belly. I want him to be able to understand me. I want to be able to say "Oh my gosh he or she is so excited!"

P: You mentioned that you're pretty nauseous, but are there any crazy pregnancy cravings?

MS: Sugar. I had two hot chocolates the other day in a row. Literally two packs, two sets of marshmallows in two different cups. Not gonna lie. All my first pregnancy there's this place [in LA] where you get that confetti birthday cake. I literally stopped, got a cake for a friend, got me a slice, had a plastic fork and was eating it driving on the 405. And I'm like THIS is being pregnant. This is a supermodel eating confetti birthday cake with a plastic fork at a stoplight.

P: Aside from the physical symptoms, what's going on in your head?

MS: I'm feeling good. I'm nervous. Not gonna lie about that. I hope I love it as much as I love Brooks, but then I never thought I could love Brooks this much. Everyone says another one is a game-changer, but I guess I'm ready. Bring it on. You know? I've waited so long for him or her. I'm a little bit used to boys, so if I have a girl I think I'll be a little scared just because I feel like I'm a boy mom because that's all I know. Listen, we had a little bit of a difficult time this time around and had a little bit of a bad experience so I don't care what it is I'm just happy.

Photograph: Molly Sims and family, credit: Gia Canali