Milk Does a (Pregnant) Body Good?

If you want your babies to grow up to be tall, drink milk according to new research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Nutrition experts from the U.S., Iceland and Denmark teamed up to track 809 pregnant women who gave birth in Denmark between 1988 and 1989. They found that women who drank at least a quarter pint of milk per day were more likely to have tall teenagers.

What? Call me skeptical! I know plenty of people who start the day with an ice-cold glass of milk, but still give birth to shorties (like my mom—my sister and I are no supermodels at 5'4" and 5'3"). But scientists maintain that the babies were measured for length and weight at birth, and then again nearly 20 years later, and the results found that women who drank more milk while pregnant tended to have taller children—both boys and girls.

Past research has indicated that a mom's propensity for milk while pregnant has an effect on her babies in the womb, causing them to be stronger and healthier, and thanks to a boost in iodine (that is essential to fetal brain development) even smarter. But this is the first evidence that a pregnant woman's milk consumption can have lasting effects on her children's height.

If it really is true (could it be???), I wonder how short my sister and I would have been if my mom wasn't a fan of moo juice. Clearly, her mother wasn't, because my mom is only 5'1".

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TELL US: Are you going to run out for a pint of milk pronto, or do you think this study is bull?

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