Her husband has been deployed to Afghanistan, and their baby girl is due in May.

By Maressa Brown

Back in August, when Lindsey Brown told her husband Ben that they were doing a couple's photo shoot at a lakeside venue, the military husband didn't suspect anything out of the ordinary. Lindsey had said she wanted photos taken as a keepsake before Ben was deployed.

They had been married a little over a year, having said "I do" on July 2, 2016, and had moved from Pennsylvania to Anchorage, Alaska shortly thereafter, because that's where Ben was stationed for the army. The next year, they found out they were expecting their first baby, but faced a devastating pregnancy loss at nine weeks in. Then, Ben found out he was being sent to Afghanistan for nine months to a year. The couple's emotional story recently appeared in a post on Love What Matters.

"Knowing he would be gone a lot for pre-deployment training between April and when he left in September, we didn't think it was likely I would get pregnant again before he left, and figured we'd have to wait another year to even start trying for a baby again," Lindsey shared in the Love What Matters post. "We were completely devastated."

It was a heartbreaking loss for the couple, but three days before the photo shoot, Lindsey found out she was expecting the couple's rainbow baby. "When I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby, it felt like we were given another chance," the mom-to-be told PopSugar. That's when she reached out to her photographer, Melissa Lawrence of MJL AK Photography and asked if they could surprise Ben in the middle of the shoot.

Facing away from one another, the couple was supposed to use whiteboards to write three things they love about one another. Ben wrote "smart," "funny," and "gorgeous," while Lindsey wrote, "We are having a baby!"

“I was pretty nervous about missing his first reaction, but I just kept taking as many pictures as I could," Lawrence told Parents.com. "I was so thankful they turned out good and to be a part of their special moment! Such a sweet couple!"

Their baby girl is due on May 3, and Ben plans to come home early to welcome their daughter. Congrats to the growing Brown family!



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