Baby #2 for Megan Fox

Ten months after giving birth to son, Noah, Megan Fox is pregnant again! (Presumably she's at least three months along since she's making the announcement.) Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell was just seven months when the mompreneur announced she was pregnant again with son Ace. Jessica admitted her son was a surprise, but Megan has said she's always wanted a big family, so she could have planned this pregnancy to have her kids be close in age.

Experts advise a woman should wait at least 18 months before getting pregnant again to allow for her body to go back to her pre-baby shape and prepare for another pregnancy. But many moms swear by having their kids close in age, known as "baby bunching". That way, mom and dad can get all of the hard years out of the way at once. You're still used to changing diapers and running on zero sleep, so it's less of a shock to your system. Bonus: since the oldest is still so young when baby #2 comes along, it's less likely he/she will be jealous, or have that famous sibling rivalry so many parents worry about.

Soon enough, they'll be enjoying the same activities too, so you don't have to entertain each of them separately. And they'll be going to the same school at the same time for quite a few years, which makes it convenient for pick-ups and drop-offs. Also, many daycares and classes offer discounts for siblings, so it's a money-saver too.

Speaking of money, strollers, car seats, clothes—everything is so expensive. So it's nice that you can recycle gear easily without having it sit in storage for years, taking up space. And for working moms, it's great to just take one long break for having kids rather than having her career be interrupted a few times, which can make it harder to climb up the corporate ladder.

Of course one of the biggest disadvantages of having kids close in age is your sanity! You're going to have way more stress and way less sleep! But if  you don't get too overwhelmed, there are many advantages to going the way of Jessica and Megan.

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Image of Megan Fox courtesy of Shutterstock.