By Alesandra Dubin

Kim Kardashian may have put it best when she said, "Pregnancy style is hard."

It is hard, you guys! I found this to be especially true in my twin pregnancy, when I got so big so fast that I had very few wardrobe options left by the time I got to about 24 weeks.

I made do with a bunch of staples from Old Navy, which were boring but affordable and easily accessorized. And I've written here many times too about my handful of pieces from designer Rachel Pally, which were splurgier—though I got them all on sale—but were truly statement making, and helped me feel like myself.

I'm not the only fan, of course. You might even say that stars are just like me! (Ahem.) Preggers celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Vanessa Lachey have recently stepped out wearing the designer. (That's an Instagram pic from Lachey's baby shower.)

Because Rachel has pretty much nailed maternity style—and because I'm totally crushing on her—I reached out to her for her takes on how to dress a burgeoning bump to perfection.

Here are Rachel Pally's do's and don'ts for maternity style.


Pally advises dressing in such a way that still feels true to your sense of personal expression as much as possible—even though your body may be all new. "Do dress like yourself. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to adopt an entirely new style," she says. Try incorporating a few splurge-y pieces that make you feel amazing along with affordable basics that resemble pieces you'd wear anyway.

Embrace sexy! Make your non-maternity wardrobe work for you by continuing to wear your favorite, statement-making accessories and—if you're comfortable in them—heels. Pally wore leather leggings throughout much of her pregnancy. You can be sexy and pregnant!

If possible, work some of your non-maternity pieces in to your maternity wardrobe, she says. With my twin bump, there was no way I could wear any of my old pants or dresses, but a fave blazer or cardigan from my pre-pregnancy days made me feel stylish—and saved money to boot.


Don't dress in billowy clothes. Instead, it can be much more flattering to dress in bump-skimming pieces that flaunt your shape. "Don't try to hide the bump," under loose-fitting gear, she says. "It only makes you look big, not pregnant," she says. Oh yes, ladies: Work that gorgeous bump!

Don't let your unfamiliar bod get you down. (You're making a human being in there after all—you're a super hero!) If you look pulled together, you might find it even elevates your mood. So if you're up for it, have fun with your maternity dressing. "Don't resort to wearing yoga pants or leggings every day," she says. "Keep it polished and you will feel so much better."

Now tell me: What's your fave maternity style tip?

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