Kim K dishes on how and why her maternity style is different than older sister Kourtney's.

By Christine Coppa
September 16, 2015
Getty Images

The best part about having a big sis is that you get to raid her closet, right? That's what Kim Kardashian West thought during her first pregnancy, when she borrowed maternity outfits from older sister Kourtney. The second time around, though, Kim is changing her tune. Looking back, she's "mortified" at her maternity style while carrying North, she wrote on her website.

"Everyone used to say Kourtney had the best pregnancy style, so I would borrow a dress she wore when she was pregnant, and OMG it did not look the same!" Kardashian West blogged. The famous sisters' side-by-side comparisons in the tabloids and online didn't make the younger reality star feel hot, saying they weren't "good for my soul."

The fashionista thought she wanted to work with an army of stylists during her second pregnancy, but that plan went sour. "When you work with a new stylist, everyone wants to possess your look," North's mommy said. "They wanted me in really outrageous things, and really fashion-y things. It probably wasn't the time to be experimenting."

Kim admits she didn't even know her signature style yet, let alone how to dress for a baby bump. "My style kept changing and nothing was consistent. I finally had to figure out my own style that worked for ME!"

So while Kourtney opted for more flowy, Boho-chic clothes, Kim was recently seen out in a sheer black number that gave us all a glimpse of her basically nude bump, which is what she wants this time around—to show her baby belly off! "I know what I like — plus, I am confident and not trying to hide my bump. I actually want to accentuate it," the reality star said.

As for some fashion tips for expecting moms: "Long coats to cover my fat arms and ass! It's such a trip how your body grows and changes, and at the end of the day, you have to wear what you are comfortable in and what you feel good in."


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