The expecting dad drew up the legal document, and it worked: His baby came into the world just three hours later!

By Alesandra Dubin
September 10, 2015
baby eviction notice
Credit: Jake Kempton/Kempton Legal

I know a thing or two about being good and ready to get a baby out into the world: After all, I was heavily pregnant with full-term multiples in the dog days of summer last year!

That feeling is a pretty universal one, as families get impatient for the expecting phase to yield to the newborn era.

One expecting dad decided to put his thumb-twiddling time to good use, and the result is going viral. Washington lawyer Jake Kempton of Kempton Legal wrote a humorous eviction notice to his overdue baby girl.

He drew up the legal paperwork, a "notice to quit premises," for the little one, informing her that she was eight days over her allotted time in his wife's uterus.

"You are hereby notified to quit the following premises: Ellisha Danelle Kempton's tummy, and to surrender possession thereof within twelve (12) hours," he wrote on the mock document. He even signed and dated it to make it look extra official.

Well, a little legal threat was all the encouragement the baby girl needed, it turned out: Pepper Dee Kempton came into the world just three hours later, at 3:42 p.m. on August 31. She's the family's third child.

And how cute is she?!

pepper dee kempton
Credit: Jake Kempton/Kempton Legal

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