Things didn't go as this cute-as-can-be 3-year-old hoped on the day her baby sibling's gender was revealed.


With toddlers, nothing goes as planned. As a mom of three, who currently has a 3-year-old, I speak from experience.

Such was the case with a Halloween-themed gender reveal that New Jersey parents Dylan and Angela Wolfe planned, which included their toddler, Lena. A video shows the family cutting into a pumpkin-adorned cardboard box, and releasing a stream of blue balloons.

Mom and dad are thrilled with a capital "T," especially dad, who starts jumping around like an over-sugared kid at the news he is having a son. Angela is also seen smiling with joy the moment her baby's gender is revealed.

But almost 3-year-old Lena is downright distraught that she is going to have a brother and not a sister. As her parents glow with happiness, Lena, who is wearing what appears to be a cat costume, including a painted-on black nose and whiskers, cries and screams in sheer agony.

Sorry, Lena. But your pain is both adorable and hilarious.

And it's okay, Lena. I have a little brother, and it's not that bad. In fact, it's great! But, admittedly, my daughters, who desperately want me to have another baby, also have expressed their disgust at the prospect of this baby being a brother. The thing is, as my kindergartner always says, when it comes to having a baby, "you get what you get and you don't get upset!"

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