Congratulations are in order for the bravest mom on television.

By Melissa Willets
December 15, 2015
Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

Congratulations are in order for television news host Lisa Ling and husband Paul Song. The couple is expecting their second child!

The new baby will join big sister, the awesomely named Jett. (We can't wait to see what name the Songs pick for baby #2.)

The 42-year-old soon-to-be-mom-of-two said this about Jett previously: "She's incredibly independent. She insists on picking out all her own clothes." (Sounds like another 2-1/2-year-old I know—my daughter. I'm apt to call her stubborn or challenging, or even frustrating or infuriating when it comes to picking out outfits. So I admire Ling's positive spin on getting a toddler dressed!)

The former co-host of The View has talked openly about suffering a miscarriage with her first pregnancy back in 2010. "I felt more like a failure than I'd felt in a very long time," she confessed. "When I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like bam, like a knife through the heart."

The busy mom is taking a break from her show, This Is Life With Lisa Ling, as the second season just ended. She reportedly plans to return to the documentary-style series, which chronicles her travels around the world into dangerous and unique places and populations. Hey Lisa, if you're reading this, here's an idea for an upcoming episode: How moms of two, including a toddler, survive the day!

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