The first-time mom-to-be and The Hills alum sounds like she has realistic ideas about how life is going to change once her little boy arrives.

By Maressa Brown

Sooner rather than later, Lauren Conrad and her husband William Tell will be welcoming their first baby, a little boy! The fashion designer and lifestyle blogger has been looking ahead and envisioning what life with her son will look like, and it sounds as though her expectations are pretty realistic. “I see our lives changing,” Conrad shared with People in their latest print edition. “I think you don’t know until you’re there. I have very nice friends who are attempting to prepare me, but everybody does it differently.”

One of the main things she knows won't stay the same is how many Zs she and Tell are going to be getting every night. "It’s going to be a lot less sleep, so that’ll be an adjustment, but we’re excited,” she says.

She also shared that she feels like her husband's experience as a parent-to-be has been different from hers, as the two prep for the arrival of their baby boy. “I think that guys have to meet their kid and really be there before they feel like a parent,” Conrad notes. “Whereas, as a woman, you had a relationship with this tiny person for so long! I’m excited to see how it works out.”

One thing Conrad knows for sure is that she's lucky enough to have lots of relatives who will be pitching in and helping the new parents get their bearings. "William and I are so fortunate that we’re having the first grandchild on both sides,” she says. “Both of our families live about 20 minutes from us, so I think we’ll have a lot of help, which is really great.”

That extra support will surely come in handy as Conrad navigates her maternity leave, which she admits she's sort of going to play by ear. “I’m giving myself a terrible maternity break,” she says. “I’m trying to get a couple weeks, and we’ll see. Fortunately, I have great partners in all of my companies and they’re going to be flexible with me. I’m going to attempt to take two weeks of a blackout — no emails or anything — and then I’ll have to just figure it out from there.”

Hey, figuring it out as you go is pretty much the new parent's mantra, right? Sounds like no matter what the future brings for this almost-mama, she'll handle it with pragmatism, grace, and style!



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