Lake Bell Gets Real About 'Surprise' Second Baby & Reveals His Name

While discussing her new life as a new mom of two with Jimmy Kimmel, the Practice actress didn't hold back!

Lake Bell gave birth in June to her second L.O., a baby boy, with husband Scott Campbell. And now, the actress is opening up about their son's name -- and what it's really like to become a mom of two. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, August 16, Bell shared that she and Campbell named their little boy Osgood, and they nicknamed him Ozzy. Aww! 

She also got super-real about the fact that Ozzy was a surprise baby. After welcoming daughter Nova who's now 2, Bell and Campbell were thinking they may be a "one and done" couple. “It was one of those things where my husband and I were so excited to have just one kid,” Bell, 38, explained to Kimmel. “We have a beautiful daughter, Nova. She's awesome — named after the Chevy, obviously. It's also celestial, but you know what I mean — more so the Chevy. We were so excited to travel the world. We were like, 'We're going to be modern. We don't have to have two kids.' ... And then we had sexual intercourse."

Too funny. Sometimes, you plan for another L.O. And sometimes, your baby just springs him or herself on you!

Bell went on to confess that she was also caught off-guard by how Nova has reacted to her baby brother. "She's having some trouble,” Bell explained. “She plays with the baby dolls and stuff, so I thought it was going to be a shoo-in — like a real, live baby doll. She's having trouble with it." 

At the same time, she and Campbell are getting used to their new reality as parents of two. "There's so much wrangling and so many logistics. Your marriage turns into just a logistics conversation. The other day -- and I promise this is without hyperbole; this really happened -- we were going through our schedules," Bell told Kimmel. "So, we really made a moment in our schedule to plan our schedule.”

So many parents of two can relate to all of these struggles. For telling it like it is -- not to mention juggling a newborn and toddler right now -- Lake Bell deserves a round of applause!


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