Kristin Cavallari Confirms She's Pregnant (Again)!

Kristin Cavallari has said that she and football player hubby Jay Cutler would like to have four kids. Well, the beautiful couple is now half way there! Yes, the former star of The Hills is pregnant with a little brother or sister for adorable 14-month-old son, Camden. After press speculation Kristin was expecting, she took to Twitter to confirm the good news for all of her fans: "Thank you for all the love!! We are so excited for Camden to be a big brother!"

It's been no secret that Kristin and Jay have been trying to get pregnant. She's publicly announced that she wanted her children to be close in age, and that she and Jay were "working on" baby number two, and "doing all the necessary things to get pregnant." Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

In September she told E!, "Before Camden was born, I thought I'd be pregnant again by the time he was six months, but I definitely wasn't ready. Now, I'm finally ready."

It's too early to tell whether she's having another boy or girl, but last month Kristin admitted, "Obviously, I want a little girl...but if I had another boy, I would be so excited as well." It's good to hear she'll be happy either way—that way there's no chance of being disappointed. Congrats to Kristin and Jay!

TELL US: What advice would you give Kristin about being pregnant while already having a little one at home?

Image of Kristin Cavallari courtesy of Shutterstock.

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