Kim Kardashian West Wants to Go for Baby #3, But Should She?

Despite having two high-risk pregnancies in her past, Kim Kardashian West may try for a third child.

The world may have to get ready for another Kardashian! Because Kim Kardashian West just teased that she may want to try for baby #3 with her rapper hubby Kanye.

The famous couple is already parents to daughter North, age 3, and son Saint, age 1. But it seems three could be the magic number for Kardashian West. In a new clip from her infamous show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the social media maven said "I want my kids to have siblings." But she quickly added that "the doctors don't feel like it's safe for me."

You may recall that when the star was pregnant with North, she suffered from pre-eclampsia, which includes potentially dangerous high blood pressure. Kardashian West also had placenta accreta with both pregnancies, in which her placenta grew so deeply in the uterus that it was not delivered after the births and required surgical intervention.

Nathaniel G. DeNicola, M.D., previously explained to, "In addition to the likely need for a Cesarean Hysterectomy, women with placenta accreta are at risk for heavy blood loss during delivery, called postpartum hemorrhage."

Placenta accreta can also lead to infertility, something the reality star has openly said she struggled with in the past. So another baby may be a challenge for Kardashian West. Still, she said in the clip, "I'm going to try to have one more baby."

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner then says, "I don't want you to do something that would put you in danger."

We'll have to stay tuned to see if the mom-of-two decides to truly go for a third child, but as a soon-to-be mom-of-four who struggled to get pregnant again for nearly a year, I offer this advice: If Kim truly wants another baby, she should at least try. Because in my experience, otherwise you will always wonder, "What if?"

Of course in the end, whether to have another child is a very personal decision, and your own health is clearly of utmost concern and consideration. Here's hoping Kim makes the best possible choice for herself and her family.

Melissa Willets is a writer/blogger and soon-to-be mom of 4. Find her on Facebook where she chronicles her life momming under the influence. Of yoga.

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