Kim, who's expecting her third child via surrogate, took to social media over the weekend to share a bevy of snaps from her glamorous, star-studded fête.

Back in September, Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West officially announced that they're expecting their third child via surrogate. Fast-forward to this past weekend when Kim took to social media to share stunning images and videos from her lavish baby shower! The baby bash, held at Kim and Kanye's Bel Air mansion, was designed with the theme "Tea for 3" in mind, while the glamorous decor included what Kim referred to as a "cherry blossom forest."

The VIP guest list included sisters Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner, as well as Kim's grandmother, Chrissy Teigen, celebrity eyebrow artist Anastasia Soare, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, and of course big sis North West who Kim featured in one of her videos.

The reality star also took the shower as an opportunity to debut and flaunt her new perfumes under the KKW Beauty label, KKW Fragrance. (In one of her snap vids, you can see Chrissy testing one of the scents.)

As if all the jaw-droppingly pretty details weren't enough to get our tongues wagging about Kim's shower, various headlines note that the proud mom threw the party herself. Though we can't verify that -- it may have been held at her house, but hosted by mom Kris Jenner or her grandmother -- the buzz does raise an interesting question about the evolving, modern etiquette of hosting your own baby shower.

Lizzie Post, co-President of The Emily Post Institute, etiquette author and spokesperson, and co-host of the AwesomeEtiquette podcast, tells, "In the past, you would try to look outside of your immediate family to host a baby shower. Nowadays, it's perfectly okay to have close friends or family host that baby shower. Typically, you do not throw a shower for yourself. It's okay if your mom issues the inviations, but typically, you would not issue them yourself."

And when it comes to the question of having a shower for baby #2 and beyond, Post explains, "It's perfectly fine to have baby showers for however many babies you have. Every baby is different. Depending on the time between babies you may not have [certain items]. And just because you can afford it all on your own doesn't mean you should have to. It's a traiditon in our culture to shower new moms and new dads with a little bit of help in the baby needs department!"

She notes that shower gifts for second and third babies usually call for gifts unique to this particular baby. For instance, moms-to-be who already have Diaper Genie or playard, courtesy of their first LO, might love receiving a monogrammed blanket or baby's first photo album.

Gina Wade, founder of Gina Wade Creative, a leading entertaining and lifestyle expert and special events planner in Los Angeles, agrees that showers for babies beyond your first are perfectly fine. "When it comes to baby showers, some people feel that you should only have a shower for your firstborn but others, like myself, think all babies should be celebrated," she tells "Many people do smaller scale events or a 'sprinkle' for the second."

Wade also notes that moms-to-be may actually feel more comfortable throwing their own showers for their second, third, etc. "It can get uncomfortable, due to the time commitment and expense, to ask friends and family to throw you multiple parties for additional children," she says. "For many women, the solution has become to throw your own shower. It’s a great way to celebrate the new baby and not feel any of the concern about burdening your friends with the planning of another event. You can pick your own theme, your own venue, and really do it the way that you want it."

Ultimately, no matter who officially threw Kim's shower, it's obvious that it was a glamorous, love-filled event to be remembered! Congrats to the growing Kardashian-West family! The world can't wait to meet baby #3!