Kate Middleton pregnant royal bump due date

When Prince William married Kate Middleton in April 2011, one million people lined the streets near London's Westminster Abbey, where the two wed, and an estimated one billion people watched their nuptials on TV from the comforts of their homes. So it's no surprise that the world has gone mad over the pending birth of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's heir—and what Kate Middleton's due date might be!

Ever since the Royal Palace announced Kate Middleton's pregnancy in December, everyone has been clamoring for more royal baby news. Since the announcement was forced out by the Duchess' severe morning sickness, it has been difficult to figure out just how far along she actually is—until now!

According to the Brit newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, it was recently revealed at a barbecue (of all places!) that Kate Middleton's due date is July 13. To add to the frenzy, that date falls within the Coronation Festival, a four-day celebration to mark 60 years since Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, which gives Royal Watchers even more reason to freak out!

Let's face it, as much as people love a good wedding, a baby's birth trumps the "I do's" every time. Add to that a royal spin, and it's all-out Babymania. When Kate wore a white-and-black polka-dot dress from Topshop's maternity line last month, within days the dress had completely sold out online. She bought a navy blue Bugaboo stroller, and it made headlines. People were shocked by the cost (they range from $700-1800 with all of the extras), and questioned whether the hue gave away the fact that Kate and William are expecting a boy (they have yet to comment on the baby's sex, but in March it was believed that Kate accidentally let it slip at an event that she was having a daughter).

Just like how people stayed up all hours and threw parties to commemorate the royal wedding, I'm sure the same amount of fervor will go into celebrating the birth of William and Kate's baby, whenever that is (due dates are rarely spot on!). I can see all of the tacky tchotchkes now—the royal onesies and toddler-sized plates with the baby's face on them, the special-edition diapers stamped with the Palace seal, the rattle in the shape of the royal scepter. And as cheesy as they all are, they will sell out in a matter of seconds.

I remember it being weird for me that all of my mom's friends (many of whom I'd never met) seemed to know everything about my pregnancy, because my mom can't keep quiet about good news. I can't even fathom how it must feel for Kate to have the whole world talking about her, the royal bump, her maternity style, baby gear purchases, due date...and the list goes on! Of course she knew when she married William that it would be a crazy life, but with all of the added emotions that come with pregnancy, I can't help but wonder how she's holding up. I'm sure she sneaks off for a good cry every now and then. I know I would.

Tell us: Are you excited for Kate to have the baby, or do you think it's silly there's so much hype surrounding the birth?

Image of Kate Middleton courtesy of Shutterstock.