The Duchess of Cambridge returned to public life for the first time since her pregnancy was announced.

By Lisa Milbrand
October 11, 2017

Kate Middleton suffered through severe hyperemesis gravidarum for all three of her pregnancies—and that's kept her out of the public eye for more than a month, since her pregnancy was announced on September 4th. But she seemed to be feeling just fine yesterday when she returned to public life for an event honoring mental health workers.

We loved the pretty blue periwinkle lace dress—from the UK brand Temperley—that she sported for the event, which smoothed over the (very tiny) hint of a baby bump she's currently rocking for the future royal. There's been no official word as to her due date, but most of the rumors expect the new little prince or princess in March or April of 2018.

Kate Middleton and Prince William.
Credit: WPA Pool/Getty Images

Hopefully, her appearance last night means that she's past the worst of her severe morning sickness. (Prince William had mentioned her eating quite a few ginger biscuits to help quell the nausea, and one sweet boy gave the prince an avocado, which had helped his own mother who was battling hyperemesis gravidarum as well.)

Can't wait to continue seeing how Kate Middleton rocks this pregnancy—in high-heeled pumps, no less!


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